For Agents

With the help of QIWI payment service, you can quickly and at no extra expense organize a payment terminal business for individuals, with a choice of more than 13,000 leading operators and providers from every Russian region. These include leading mobile and fixed-line operators, commercial television and internet providers, communal services, airlines, security systems and much more.

We offer a complete solution for creating a terminal business, including a payment terminal, software and all necessary services.

Advantages of working with QIWI

Awareness. QIWI's popular, user-friendly and familiar interface ensures awareness, consumer confidence and, as a result, growth in the number and volume of payments.

System. As the most powerful processing system in the world, our system is able to guarantee reliability during peak traffic. Easy and intuitive monitoring allows you follow the terminal network’s operation online, keep track of the balance and review or create any statement your business needs.

Finances. We have a transparent and flexible system of remunerating our dealers – high revenues give you the opportunity to receive a large percentage of internal commission and thus plan for business development. A regional network of cash desks, providing cash and cashless transactions, allows you to easily and conveniently monitor and add to your balance at any time. You can also overdraft or take out a loan from 1st Processing Bank – there is no need to get a loan from different banks to open or develop your business, thus providing you with more favorable conditions of cooperation.

Support. We provide our dealers comprehensive support in solving legal, financial, accounting and other issues. There is 24/7-support to help you with any technical issues that may arise. A free-of-charge national call center for users removes the necessity of dealers creating their own call centers, thus saving human resources and preventing additional financial expenses.

Equipment. A wide range of hardware and software (all types of standing terminals, POS-terminals, WIN-terminals, 1C, WAP, XML protocol, ABG server, etc) allows us to provide the payment method most convenient for you. The licensed software reduces risks for your business.

Providers. Over 1,100 current and a constant inflow of new providers allow us to offer users a modern and wide range of payment services. Our partnered development programs allow not only dealers, but also providers to generate revenues, providing you with additional resources to develop your business.

Regions. Our developed network of regional representatives provides support to dealers and sub-dealers in the regions.

Security. The system’s security is defended by electronic certificates on e-token keys, which ensure that the business is adequately protected.

QIWI payment service offers assistance in opening a terminal business, providing you and your clients with comprehensive support. You can find out more details on the types of equipment and requirements for terminal placement from a local QIWI manager.