Products and services

We offer our dealers a full range of hardware and software that helps them provide payment services. This includes payment terminals, POS-terminals, payment devices and other software products and programs to receive payments.

Technology and equipment

  • Self-service standing terminals

    An all-in-one (hardware and software) solution to carry out payments through Unified Instant Payment System. The terminal does not require any additional staff to operate. The wide variety of self-service terminals can be placed both indoors and outdoors, while the software allows clients to quickly pay for the required service.

  • POS-Terminals

    QIWI has software for Nurit, Pax and Ingenico POS-terminals, allowing us to organize payment services in places where there is no way or need to install a self-service terminal.

  • QIWI Cashier

    The program QIWI Cashier accepts payments addressed to over 3,000 service providers including mobile operators, internet, e-commerce, electronic cash, digital television, communal services, as well as loan repayments, deposits to bank accounts and credit and debit cards with the help of a computer.

  • QIWI Cashier for 1С

    The program for receipt of payments through 1C:Enterprise integrates with the configuration and can create the documents necessary for the accounting of accepted payments. It can also print receipts from all cash registers supported by 1C.

  • QIWI Cashier Mobile

    After downloading the app developed by QIWI specialists, you can turn your mobile phone into a full-fledged payment terminal. You can install the app by accessing the wap site from your phone (

  • PDA terminal

    If you have a PDA (pocket computer) that works on Pocket PC 2003 with internet access through GPRS, you also can use your PDA to make payments through the Unified Instant Payment System.

  • XML protocol

    If the particularities of your organization do not allow you to use our software, you can easily adapt your own software to directly exchange information with our system by using XML protocol.

  • ABG server

    ABG is an activation protocol for credit cards, a modified version of which is used to receive payments at supermarkets, ATMs, etc. This can be used where devices do not have direct internet access, but are capable of exchanging requests with a special server that translates ABG requests to the Unified Instant Payment System.