Online stores

QIWI affords individuals and legal entities the opportunity to set up the payment service on their own websites.


  • Wide geographic coverage for payment in cash Clients can transfer funds using QIWI services at over 149,000 terminals across the Russian Federation.
  • Large client base. With the help of our services, over 47 mln people use a QIWI Terminal each month and 20.3 mln people are able to pay their bills with the help of QIWI Wallet.
  • 5 payment interfaces. Payments can be transferred through QIWI Terminals, the internet, mobile phones and social networking sites.
  • 5 payment methods. Clients can transfer money to their account using electronic cash from their QIWI Wallet, cash via a QIWI Terminal, a fund transfer from their account with mobile operators MTS, Beeline or MegaFon, from Visa or Masterсard banking cards, as well as via a ruble transfer through

Ways to connect

Registered wallet. This method is designed for start-ups, freelancers and representatives of small business. A registered wallet allows an online shop to connect individuals and independently withdraw funds. When receiving payment on the shop’s site via this method, funds for the payment of goods and services will be deposited to the online shop's virtual account. It takes an average of 1-2 days to connect via this method.

Payment service. This method is best for mid-sized or large businesses. Organizing payment service implies entering into a cooperation agreement, as well as funds for the payment of goods and services being credited to the company’s bank account. It takes around 5-7 days to connect via this method.

You can find more information on ways to connect and organizing fund transfers on