For Providers

If your company offers communication services and is interested in providing your clients a convenient and affordable way to pay for your service, we invite you to join our payment system. After concluding a contractual agreement with us, you can offer your subscribers a reliable and secure payment service, which allows you to boost the convenience of paying for your services, thus optimizing your expenses and increasing profit.

Our advantages

Leader on the instant payment market. We have over 149,000 kiosks and terminals across the Russian Federation – due to the service's high accessibility, your clients will be able to conveniently pay for your services, which allows boosting payments collectability.

Brand. It is the most well-known and popular brand among the Russian population: the convenience of payment and the trust of payers compose a competitive advantage that will allow you to grow your client base.

System. As the most powerful processing system for handling micropayments not only in Russia, but also in the world, our system is able to maintain stable operation during peak traffic.

Cooperation. We personalize our approach to each Provider and afford connection to the system quickly and at no charge, reducing your costs of connection and allowing you to quickly generate revenues from the payments.

Advertising on terminals. Terminal advertising is an opportunity to address communication to your clients during the payment process, such as special offers, new products and promotions. Partnered development programs allow you to increase revenues and improve customer loyalty.

Finances. Our favorable and transparent cooperation terms help us create long-term partnerships. The business’ high liquidity guarantees timely receipt of client payments. Optimizing the process of interacting with your clients will lower your operating expenses.

Support. Our 24/7-support service for Providers allows you to solve legal, financial, accounting and other issues as quickly as possible.