About the System

Our payment system is based on exploitation of a variety of self-service kiosks, that allows to receive a payment in few seconds. The system is a complex of relationship growing between the parties during organization and implementation of payments acceptance. The system includes the following structural elements with certain functions: system operator, settlement bank, providers, agents, subagents, consolidators, retailers, distributors. The system has hierarchical structure with unlimited number of sublevels.

QIWI is the system operator, that performs functions of coordination and maintenance of the system activity, represents itself in relations with its parties and organizations excluded from the system, as well as provides informational and technological interaction between all parties of the system.

To connect to the system, you need to read “System Guidance”, where all required conditions of partnership are portrayed, and sign a connection contract. According to the “Guidance”, each agent has a right to recruit a number of subagents autonomously.

QIWI Bank (CJSC) performs the settlement interaction inside the system. In order to fulfill the obligations under forwarding of accepted payments, Agents replenish their guarantee fund by forwarding money to the settlement account of the system operator opened in the settlement bank. The status of guarantee fund is reflected in its personal account in the system. When accepting payments, the amount of Agent’s guarantee fund decreases by the sum of the accepted payment. After the information of an accepted payment has been enrolled by QIWI, the respective data and amount credits to the provider, in who’s favor the payment was accepted.

The system provides Agents with convenient management, calculation and analysis of mutual settlements. To this end, “Administrator Module” software solution was developed. It represents a software located at www.osmp.ru server program and provides agents with remote access to statistics, functions of control and management of their personal accounts.

To make working in the system more correct and comfortable, a personal manager is assigned to every agent after the connection, who provides comprehensive support on every stage.

Scheme of the system functioning